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Ma Zhi Qing, founder of Shandong Qingyuan explains how he transformed a tractor business into an international oil refinery

Were it not for China’s economic reforms, Ma Zhi Qing would still be running his farm in Linzi, but thanks to a light bulb moment on a tractor in the 1980s, he leads a multi-billion dollar petrochemical corporate. He talks to Trade Finance TV about his remarkable journey from farm…

Three musketeers of structured commodity trade finance reflect on how trade gets paid

Three “musketeers” of commodity and structured commodity finance who could count more than a century’s experience between them stepped up into the studio and agreed that trade gets paid if you play the structuring cards right. Listen to Deutsche Bank’s Vice Chairman of Trade Finance Commodities John (Mac) MacNamara, who…

Sandra Hack reflects on stepping into John MacNamara’s commodity finance shoes at Deutsche Bank

Having taken over from John (Mac) MacNamara as Global Head of Structured Commodity Trade Finance on 1 April 2019, Sandra Hack had some pretty big shoes to fill. She joined Deutsche Bank in 1993 and held senior roles in Corporate and Investment Banking, Relationship Management and Credit Risk Management in…

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