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Trade Finance TV: How can we reduce trade finance fraud?

Join us this week where we talk about how fraudsters love trade and how trade finance is particularly exposed to their attentions. They take advantage of the trade industry’s reliance on document-based processes, using techniques such as fake invoices, fake or cloned bills of lading, collateral fraud, and duplicate financing to get the better of…

2 months ago

Trade Finance TV: why are rare earth metals pivotal to global trade?

On this week’s podcast, we explore the role of rare earth metals (REMs) and how they are essential raw inputs used to manufacture more than 200 different commercial products, as well as everyday consumer goods such as mobile phones, cameras, computer drives, floodlights and microwave filters. The global supply chain for these rare earth metals…

4 months ago

Trade Finance TV: Managing trade finance risk

The ICC Trade Register 2022 highlighted yet again the low default rate of trade finance – with export letters of credit coming in with exposure weighted default rates low as 0.02%. We’ve asked our experts, James, Sean and Boris on trade’s unique properties that have helped keep default rates low and popularity rates high. Our…

6 months ago

Trade Finance TV: Banking on uncertainty

While trade bounced back from Covid and supply chain crises in the first half of 2021, this rally has not lasted. Sharp rises in inflation, interest rates and the prices of raw materials and energy inputs continue to be growth dampeners. This episode welcomes three trade experts who share their outlook on what will drive…

7 months ago

Trade Finance TV: Asia’s journey to net zero

Podcast with Alex Whitworth (Wood Mackenzie) and Matthew Moodey (Deutsche Bank) discussing how Black Swan events, such as the Russia/Ukraine conflict have driven the energy security agenda all over the world.

9 months ago

Trade Finance TV: Trade finance and investors

The uptake of assets under management in private debt stands at around US$800bn with more than 4000 investors. Given the short-term nature of trade finance lending along with low default rates, investors in the know have become very interested this particular asset class. Non-bank originators are providing vital liquidity to borrowers who cannot raise lending…

12 months ago

Trade Finance TV: Securing critical commodities in a volatile world

“Russia typically supplies about 5% to 6% of global commodities, China has dominance, particularly, around the battery raw material supply chain and is increasingly taking ownership of the mining of these commodities,” opens Julian Kettle of commodities analysts Wood MacKenzie in this episode of Trade Finance TV. Without metals, there is no transformation – neither…

1 year ago

Trade Finance TV: What next for refineries?

Deutsche Bank, TXF and BloombergNEF in the studio Against the backdrop that annual investment in clean energy needs to double to US$5trn a year to reach net-zero, according to the International Energy Agency, what does this mean for today’s refineries while the world transitions away from fossil fuels? At US$300bn over the next decade, this…

1 year ago

Trade Finance TV: Powering a clean tomorrow

How can we transition to net zero yet maintain energy supplies needed to keep up the output of copper, steel and aluminium needed for turbines, solar panels and electric vehicles? Oil still dominates the mix, but with demand for energy continuing to rise around the world as poorer economies come out of poverty and populations…

2 years ago

Trade Finance TV: How is sustainable export finance stepping up?

Continuing the theme of sustainable finance from our previous episode of Trade Finance TV we welcome into the studio two experts on sustainable export credit agency finance, along with TXF Editor in Chief Jonathan Bell. Since the publication of the ICC’s Sustainability in Export Finance report in September 2021, we have had the COP26 summit, which placed a particular…

2 years ago