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Trade Finance TV: How should sustainable finance frameworks evolve?

At the COP26 in Glasgow held in November 2021, the importance of frameworks that everyone can agree for moving from talking the talk to walking the walk became very clear. The EU Taxonomy has covered much of that ground, but how do we make further progress? Dr Rebecca Harding, CEO of Coriolis Technologies explains how…

12 months ago

Financing ESG Transition

Podcast with Sandra Primiero and Willem Calame from Deutsche Bank, discussing the possibility of a supercycle and the responsible transition into ESG.

1 year ago

Supply chain finance – the corporate perspective

Podcast with Oliver Triebsees from GEA and Anil Walia from Deutsche Bank, about what corporates look for when selecting a supply chain finance provider? Cost, IT integration, choice of platform and type of funding are four key factors – along with longevity. And what prompts the decision to choose this way of paying suppliers?

2 years ago

Just In Time to Just In Case

Podcast with Daniel Schmand, Global Head of Trade Finance and Lending at Deutsche Bank, and John Ahearn, CEO and Vice Chair of Falcon Group America, talk about how supply chains have moved from “just-in-time” to just-in-case”.

2 years ago

A new era for UK trade?

Podcast with Dr. Rebecca Harding (CEO of Coriolis Technologies), Sanjay Raja (Economist Deutsche Bank Research), and Iain Anderson (Executive Chair, Cicero/AMO Group), talking about the EU/UK Trade Cooperation Agreement (TCA), and whether or not it will stand the test of time.

2 years ago

America’s bounce-back from Covid-19

Podcast with Matthew Luzzetti, US Chief Economist, Deutsche Bank Research, about 2020 being a rollercoaster year, but with grounds for optimism in 2021, about Covid-19 responses, trade, and what we can expect from the 46th President, Joe Biden.

2 years ago

MENA trade, Covid-19 and oil price volatility

Podcast with Dr. Rebecca Harding (Trade Economist and CEO of Coriolis Technologies) and Ahmed Shehab (Head of Cairo Representative Office and Head of Trade Finance Financial Institutions MENA, Deutsche Bank) and Anna Brod (Principal Banker – Trade Facilitation Programme, ERBD Financial Institutions). The panel talk through the ramifications of COVID-19 on the economy as well…

2 years ago

West Africa’s trade and Covid-19

Podcast with Dr. Rebecca Harding (Trade Economist and CEO of Coriolis Technologies) and Jaiyeola Dauda (Head of Trade Finance, Nigeria, Deutsche Bank, talking about how sub-Saharan Africa is weathering the Covid-19 pandemic. Better than expected, conclude our panellists on this episode of Trade Finance TV.

2 years ago

Trade finance digitalisation boost?

Podcast with John Bugeja (Co-Founder of Trade Advisory Network) and Enrico Camerinelli (Senior Analyst, Aité Group), talking about the potential effects of COVID-19 on the digitalization of trade finance.

2 years ago

Covid-19 and financing supply chains

Podcast with Michael Dietz (Deutsche Bank), John Bugeja (Trade Advisory Network), Enrico Camerinelli (Aité Group), and Parvaiz Dalal (CITI), talking about how COVID-19 is affecting liquidity and how payables finance and supply chain finance solutions are helping out.

3 years ago

Trade finance – a connecting force

Podcast with Dr. Rebecca Harding about geopolitics and the weaponization of trade as the language is ramped up between the US and China in 2019, creating uncertainty in markets and investment.

3 years ago