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Louis Taylor, CEO of UKEF on rebuilding Ghana’s Kumasi Market

Podcast with Louis Taylor as he lays out the mega-project of completely making over Ghana’s Kumasi Market, set to transform the Ashanti economy and all it touches, and why the world’s oldest export credit agency that celebrates its centenary in 2019, UK Export Finance, is supporting this project.

5 years ago

Trade growth drivers and the risks of derailment

Podcast with Dr. Rebecca Harding, CEO of Coriolis Technologies talks to Trade Finance TV’s Clarissa Dann about how rhetoric and politics is impacting trade growth, and the importance of ensuring that digital trade along with trade in services is also factored into growth assessments

5 years ago

Trade finance for all? Industry approaches to widening reach

Podcast with Daniel Schmand of Deutsche Bank and the ICC Banking Commission and Sean Edwards of the International Trade & Forfaiting Association and SMBC about accessing trade finance in a safe and sound environment, and facilitating trade flows.

5 years ago

Trade finance in a climate of trade wars and nationalism

Podcast with Dr. Rebecca Harding, sharing her perspective on trade growth, the geopolitical landscape, and in particular, her take on a year of ‘trade wars’. And also a chat with Deutsche Bank’s Global Head of Trade Finance, Daniel Schmand, and Sean Edwards who, in addition to his day job as Head of Legal at Japan’s…

5 years ago