Sustainable Finance In Action

COP26 emphasised that funding plays a huge role in achieving the agreed climate goals. “Every company, every financial firm, every bank, insurer and investor will need to change” says the UK Government.

This will mean going beyond the “do no harm’ sense check before investing, insuring, or lending, by taking a more proactive approach towards how the financial support shapes ESG-aligned behaviour.

Economists Tedd George and Rebecca Harding join us in our new post-lockdown studio to discuss how the evolving set of frameworks are shaping supply chains and trade flows. “There is a lot of new legislation punitive to anyone who does not have a sustainable model,” reflects Tedd. And Rebecca comments that given the length of the ESG transition process, “anything that now tries to put things into an actionable framework is helpful”.

Both agree that ESG alignment creates scope for arbitrage, given the global backdrop of trade wars and economic recovery from the pandemic.

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  • Dr Rebecca Harding, Independent Economist and CEO of Coriolis Technologies
  • Dr Tedd George, Founder and Chief Narrative Officer of Kleos Advisory Ltd


Clarissa Dann, Editorial Director, Deutsche Bank

Published on January 10, 2022