Supporting young trade finance professionals

Trade Finance TV welcomes into the studio Duarte Pedreira, who in addition to his day job in trade finance at Crown Agents Bank, heads the Emerging Leaders programme at the International Trade and Forfaiting Association. He is joined by two actual ITFA Emerging Leaders, Aycan Ertuğrul of the Berne Union and Pouya Jafari of Channel Capital.

Pedreira explains about the ITFA’s role in supporting young professionals through its Emerging Leaders Initiative and Ertuğrul, together with Jafara provide a first-hand view on what prompted them to do more for their peers.

They talk about the importance of mentors, both formal and informal. “In this industry you have many choices of career path and when you consider a particular direction,  a mentor acts as an important facilitator and they share their experience,” says Ertuğrul. She adds, “This is the noblest thing anyone can do for you – you cannot learn this from study. Being hands on and getting first-hand experience is so important.”

For further information on the ITFA Emerging Leaders Initiative, together with details of the Martin Ashurst Trade Finance Mentoring Scheme and ITFA Young Professionals Award Competition visit

For more about the Berne Union’s Young professionals Initiative visit:

Published on December 9, 2019

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