Trade Finance TV: Fireside chat with Daniel Schmand and Rebecca Harding


  • Daniel Schmand, Former Global Head of Corporate Bank Operations, Institutional Cash Management and Trade Finance at Deutsche Bank. Also, former Head of the ICC Banking Commission
  • Dr Rebecca Harding, Independent trade economist

Guest appearances (video link)

  • Sean Edwards, Chair, International Trade and Forfaiting Association
  • David Meynell, Digital Rules Adviser, ICC United Kingdom  


  • Clarissa Dann, Editorial Director, Deutsche Bank  

In this fireside chat, Dr Rebecca Harding catches up with Deutsche Bank’s Daniel Schmand before he steps back from his trade finance role at the bank to review three decades in trade – “it’s been epoch-defining. We’ve seen the fall of the Berlin Wall, globalisation, the rise of China, financial crises a-plenty, and the dot-come boom,” opens Harding. Banking has changed a huge amount in that timeframe, trade finance more so than ever. What has changed the most, what has stayed the same?

Join Daniel and Rebecca as they look at how trade finance has endured through the centuries, geopolitics and sanctions have literally rerouted trade, and why providers of finance – along with governments and corporates need to work together to address climate change. “You learn about the entire ecosystem, and that makes being in trade finance so rewarding,” says Daniel.

Tune in to hear more!

Published on January 3, 2024

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