Trade Finance TV: Managing critical commodities risk

In our previous episode of Trade Finance TV, we discussed the investment needed in metals and mining to meet 2050 clean energy targets. But the land grab for critical metals is intensifying geopolitical rivalries – and adding a new layer of risk to financing trade. What does this mean for day-to-day operations on the ground?

Following an earlier debate on these issues at TXF Global Natural Resources and Commodity Finance in Amsterdam, Dr Rebecca Harding and Dr Robert Besseling are now in the Trade Finance TV studio, joined by Deutsche Bank’s Alarik d’Ornhjelm via video link from Dubai. The trio discusses the role of commodities, and the way governments, private investors and corporates are asserting control of key natural resources.

A particular area of focus is Africa, which, says d’Ornhjelm, is “at the centre of east and west geopolitical competition” – a three-way between the US, Europe and China.

While there is country risk in Africa, that does not seem to be holding back regional investment in infrastructure, such as railway networks to transport commodities and processing plants to add value in-country rather than elsewhere. All three guests discuss how this is playing out on the continent and what it means for lending and capital flows. Tune in to hear more from our experts!


Dr Robert Besseling, CEO and Founder, Pangea-Risk

Dr Rebecca Harding, Independent trade economist

Alarik d’Ornhjelm, Head of Structured Trade and Export Finance, Middle East and Africa, Deutsche Bank


Clarissa Dann, Editorial Director, Deutsche Bank AG

Published on July 9, 2024

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