Trade Finance TV: Managing trade finance risk

The ICC Trade Register 2022 highlighted yet again the low default rate of trade finance – with export letters of credit coming in with exposure weighted default rates low as 0.02%. Trade’s record for safety has shaped prudential regulation – and attracting investors. But this does not happen by magic – a lot of work is done to maintain this safety – and to make sure the risk is manageable. Our experts in the studio have spent their careers managing trade finance risk – what are the secrets?

“The thing that differentiates trade from everything else is that everything we do is related to an underlying movement of goods and services, which means the additional information and data we have … gives us so much more information from which to make risk-based decisions,” opens Barclays’ James Binns.

Tune in to hear more from James, Sean and Boris on trade’s unique properties that have helped keep default rates low and popularity rates high


  • James Binns, Global Head of Trade & Working Capital, Barclays
  • Sean Edwards, Chair, International Trade & Forfaiting Association
  • Boris Jaquet, Global Head, Distribution, Deutsche Bank


  • Clarissa Dann, Editorial Director, Deutsche Bank

Published on April 13, 2023

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